We are Arcanum Creaturae: a cohort of scholars in search of knowledge (and coveted first-hand accounts!) of mysterious—and often doubted—creatures, also known as “Cryptids”.



: an animal, that has been alleged to exist (most commonly through anecdotal evidence), but has not been recognized by the scientific community.

What are Cryptids?

From the alien—yet humanoid—Frenso Nightcrawler, to the long-lived tale of the Chupacabra, we’ve compiled a roster of Cryptids that are both well-known and obscure.

Some of these creatures, such as the Yukon Beaver Eater, may be the last remnants of a bygone era. In other words, they may be an elusive species that existed since prehistoric times.

Others are said to have much more mystical, or even extraterrestrial origins. At worst, a number of these creatures are even purported to be the result of a hoax.

Whether or not these creatures truly exist, our fascination with them remains the same. We will continue to compile information and gather witness accounts of these mysterious creatures; hoax or not.

What happens when I Report a Sighting?

All submitted Sighting Reports are reviewed by our scholars. Once approved, they will appear on The Cryptid Map and be accessible to anyone who visits this site.

Sighting Report reviews can take up to ten business days. Make sure to check back in a few weeks time to see if your sighting has been added!

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